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We pride ourselves on providing high quality speech therapy to all children we serve in our private practice.

Speech Therapist

What  Parents Say

"It has been a year now since our therapist has started serving my son and his progress has been amazing. He can now initiate conversations, express his wants and needs and carry at least five exchanges in conversational speech. He is comfortable with our therapist and hates missing a session. "

"Despite the fact our insurance did not cover my child's  speech services we knew that we wanted to continue seeing our therapist on a weekly basis. Since December of 2013 we have been paying out of pocket for our therapist's services and it’s been worth every cent."

"We love  our therapist and will continue to see him for as long as my son needs speech. I would highly recommend our therapist and Expressions Speech and Language to anyone who may think their child needs speech"

Google reviews mean a lot to small businesses like ours.

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